photo shoot!

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We had a photo shoot the other day.


We’ll see how it looks like*


Children’s Day workshop

We held a workshop on May 5th which is Children’s day in Japan.


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mini monsters ☆ 4/20

The weather was cold and not so good this week,

I am impressed that at least some people were getting out to play in the park despite the weather.

Views from the 9th floor gallery are popular.

 Of course, the view of the park is also nice!  But check out the intersection of Naniwa road.

The crosswalks are all turned at an angle, they look like borders. Kind of fashionable really.


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/** Brush skill workshop


06, Saturday

Mini monsters is a little different than usual!


We met a professional calligrapher teacher-  Gaako,  and held a “Brush skill workshop “*


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gg* my jewelry set

Today is a quite a warm day ☆
I saw a dandelion in bloom, maybe spring is here !
Well, the perfect weather to introduce or remind you of some items, full of cheer…
this is  “my jewelry set” from our gg* collection.
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