☆How to play mame ohagki☆

I am Chisato the new intern at Kukkia.Nice to meet you!
It is now Autumn/Fall.
I would like to introduce you all to some different ways how to play with our item Mame Ohagki ☆
For example …

Balance Game① Difficulty★☆☆


Game: pile up your beans Turn the bowl upside down -like this, then try to stack each bean one by one using the chopsticks.
Adults and small children can play together.How many can you stack?


Balance Game② Difficulty★★☆


Balance game: lay down the chopsticks side by side and line up your beans along them. How many can you fit?


Balance Game③ Difficulty★★★


Now try standing each bean along the chopsticks.
As the width of the chopsticks tapers towards the end, it is going to become more and more difficult! Can you take the challenge??


In addition to this, you can also have fun making a picture with mame ohagki!
Mosaic Art


Beautiful flower of great power



Crocodile with a big mouth! Grrrrrrr



How about some Hallow’een fun?? Coming soon… like this..?



I like this cute Christmas tree☆


What do you think?
I think that there are many more ways to have fun and play with this as well!
Please try ☆
We are interested to see what fun ways you come up with??!