Kukkiaは、世界中のこどもとその家族が笑顔になる 木のおもちゃブランド「gg*(ジジ)」と「kiko+(キコ)」を プロデュースしています。

Kukkia is a wooden design toy production company and produces two current ranges: gg* and kiko+. We love simple and stunning style here at Kukkia and always aim to make people smile.

kaz* and nov*came up with the concept of gg* in 2007 . Items have soft muted colours that show the natural grain of the wood. They have a matt finish and a natural and safe beeswax coating.

Kukkia's director Kaz Shiomi is the inspiration for kiko+, launched in 2011. A bright, funky colour scheme adds zest to items also popular with adults. Various designers join forces with Kukkia for kiko+ design, to make this brand unique and quirky.

Kukkia is here to help you and your company, through the entire process of coming up with a design project or concept, to actually taking your item into production and receiving a finished product.

We can mass produce not only wooden items, but we also deal with ceramic and fabric materials. We are experienced and here to help make the process an enjoyable one.

We offer help for marketing in Europe and the US. We can do translation from Japanese to English/French and vice-versa. We offer full care and support for marketing, especially to companies wanting to introduce their products to Europe or Japan.

We regularly plan and hold workshops for kids and their parents. These are creative, fun and get kids to use their wonderful imaginations to think, make and do.

The concept behind Kukkia, meaning ‘to bloom’ or ‘flowers' in Finnish and ‘kuki’ which means stem in Japanese, is to be a channel between your company and the World, just as a strong stem is the carrier for all the life from the roots to the flower...we can help you blossom!